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I’m a massage therapist and personal trainer that loves to help people realize how fun and sexy it is to be healthy and in shape. I want to help those that are seeking to become a better version of themselves through the means of increasing their physical capacity. The goal is to at some point during your journey give you the confidence, the correct information and autonomy to do things on your own. I love working with people that are striving to be happier, healthier, and spread love.

I spend a lot of time exploring weird movements, competing in beach volleyball and finding new ways to become a better trainer and massage therapist so I can better serve you. As a trainer I stick to the basics and sprinkle in a few weird things here and there to keep things spicy and fun. My goal for everyone starting their fitness journey is to explore this vehicle we call our bodies through movement and to feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences for Massage Therapy (029441)

ACSM Personal Training Certified

Racquetfit Certified, Stick Mobility Lvl 1 

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Facilitating recovery and managing physical stress is something I don’t take lightly. Massage can be a critical component to decreasing soreness and improving sleep and range of motion, which allows you to reach your goals sooner


You’re not alone. If you reach out, I’ll have your back. Together, we’ll figure out an approach that works for you, your schedule, what you like to do. Introduce you to exercises with proper form while empowering you with technique so you can gain independence.

What Is An Assessment?

Our initial assessment is a crucial first step in building a plan that gets you results. We’ll dive into details about your priorities and goals, and discuss any past challenges you’ve experienced in trying to reach them. I’ll ask you about what makes you tick and which kinds of activities you love (and which you don’t!). We’ll review your medical history and talk about any injuries.

Then we’ll get moving and take a look at how your body performs some major movement patterns (such as the hinge, squat and lunge) as a means to identify any potential imbalances in strength or flexibility that might deserve special attention. This “functional movement screen” provides important baseline information to ensure your training program is safe and effective.

After the screen, we’ll discuss the initial findings and talk about options for translating your goals into action!


“Fermin uses a holistic approach to his massage therapy, and takes into account both occupation and exercise regimen. In addition, he’s more than happy to explain any given technique and how / why, and makes sure one feels comfortable.”

- Polina

“As an overachiever with high standards, I rarely write glowing reviews about anything. But Fermin is one of those rare professionals that makes it easy to do: he’s hands down the best massage therapist I’ve ever encountered. He has a wide range of tools and techniques at his command that he’d mastered though excellent training..”

- PJ

“Fermin is delightful as a person and effective as a trainer and therapist. He will listen to your goals and propose a strategy that will work for you, and he always welcomes feedback and adjusts accordingly. I recommend him wholeheartedly!”

- Jeffrey LaHoste

Okay, so, if you are looking for the best, most attentive, and dare I say most knowledgeable massage in New York, or even the country, this is definitely the guy to see!

- Riley Kelley

Some Questions You might Have

What are your fees and services?

Personal Training: $110/hr

Sports Massage: $140/hr – $210/90m

What does a session look like?

Personal Training:

It depends.. depends on your goals and priorities and what YOU think is important. A main priority during personal training sessions are to regain your range of motion by ACTIVELY getting your joints in ranges they’re not accustomed to (use it or lose it principle). Passive stretching is great, but being able to teach your nervous system to use that flexibility is a great way to master your body. Strengthening and strategically progressively loading your body throughout its entire range of motion is the ultimate goal to feeling good, mitigating injury and ultimately being healthier and achieving better wellness.

Massage Therapy:

Geared towards improving your well being by decreasing systemic stress we all encounter through life. We sometimes stay in what’s called the sympathetic nervous system response AKA: fight or flight which can cause a good amount of stress if endured for prolonged periods of time. The stress response is the same whether being chased by a lion or trying to meet aggressive dead lines or not being to pay rent on time. How you perceive that stress effects your body’s physiological reaction to it. Massage helps promote a parasympathetic response AKA: rest or digest. Keep in mind that a good balance of both is crucial for a balanced life. A good thing to remember is that movement is the medicine but massage therapy is a great adjunct that enhances the medicine.

Do I have to undress for a massage session?

You can wear comfortable work out clothes and undress to your comfort level. I’d recommend some kind of shorts so that we have better access to the legs if it’s required. 

What does massage therapy really do?

Massage does not break nor lengthen tissue, fascia, ligaments, etc. It takes about 2,000lbs+ to shear fascia. What we are doing is effecting mechanoreceptors which innervate your fascia and are responsive to manual pressure. This stimulation has been shown to lead to the lowering of sympathetic tonus as well as a change in tissue viscosity. Muscles, fascia, skin are all married to the nervous system and she rules everything. Make the Queen/AKA your nervous sytsem happy and things will calm down. I like to call this putting out the fire.

I'm a complete beginner to personal training and have injuries.

Then you are the perfect person to come in for both personal training and massage. Strategically strengthing and progresively loading joints that ache is a great way to become more resilient, decrease hyper tension in said joint and to mitigate future injuries.

If you have an acute or recent injury and then I recommend you see a local psyhical therapist to assisst you in your recovery.


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