Don’t Like the Gym? Me Neither


Achieve your fitness goals, save time and enjoy your privacy at the comfort of your own home. Schedule a discovery session and see if we are the right fit for you.

Meet Coach Ferm

I’m a massage therapist and personal trainer based in NYC. I work with everyone from my girlfriends mom, to theater director, to volleyball players.

My ideal client is someone that striving to adapt a growth mindset, be healthier, be a better version of themselves and spread love.

I compete in beach volleyball and train myself and continuously strive to better educate myself to better serve you.

Fermin Andujar LMT, CPT 

pERKS Of training at home

It's Convenient

Life is hectic, but working out at home makes it easy to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle.


Save Time

There’s no need to waste time and energy gathering your stuff, packing your gym bag, driving across town, and fighting for a parking space. 

Be Comfortable

At home you set the rules. Your music, your temperature, your decor. Best thing, you don’t have to share your space with a stranger.

Our Services

Online Personal 1-On-1 or Group Training

Remote personal training allows for extreme flexibility while still having a skilled trainer guide you through your fitness journey.

In Person, Personal Training

Train at the comfort of your home with minimal equipment. Training at home allows you to save time, and increases convenience and adherence.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy tailored to your needs and goals. We incorporate a variety of styles of massage techniques within our sessions, some of them being pin and stretch, contract relax techniques, and deep tissue.

“Fermín is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He’s knowledgeable, inspiring and he cares about the long term health goals of his clients. He really listens to them. I’ve never been in better shape or felt better!”

Moises Kaufman

“Fermin is a kind, intuitive, cool guy who genuinely wants to help. He is highly inquisitive and responsive. When he asks you about your specific needs and preferences, he means it.”

PJ Simmon