Don’t Wait to Be Healthy, Start Now

Strive Towards Better Health

I love personal training because of the impact fitness can have on your entire life. High cholesterol, blood pressure, consistent pain can all significantly be impacted positively by exercising regularly. Disease in America is on the rise, lets take a step in reducing the odds of getting one.

Coaching Philosophies 

As a coach I must:


  • Create a plan that will effectively and safely take you from where you are to where you want to be. Making things incrementally more difficult every week will ensure that we are exposing you to more from week to week

  • As a coach, once you trust me we must make you uncomfortable in order to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

  • LISTEN. You’ve come to me because you have a problem that you need help with. I must actively listen in order to understand that problem. I constantly ask for feed back to provide the best service I can.

Keep the goal the goal

Your goal is top priority above all. If I don’t help you achieve your goal or come close to it than I have failed.

Don't be a movement police

The goal is move safely and effectively for the rest of your life. How you look while performing an exercise will look different than your Uncle Richard.

Track Data

What gets measured gets managed. Data is just data, you must detacth emotions from it and instead let it guide you.

Enjoyable exeperience

Lets be real, working out isn’t fun all the time but it better be at the very least an enjoyable experience. Something about getting healthier that makes life feel good!

My Beliefs

Your body doesn't dictate health

Your shape, size, pounds on the scale and wrinkles does NOT dictate health. 

Striving towards health is HEALTH

Moving more, learning to eat better, having a better relationship with your body and moving towards a positive mindset is health.

You can't just say it

Saying you’re improving your health is not enough.

You have to do it

You have to put in the hard work and be the example of what good health for your family and the rest of them will follow.